The Most Advanced Metrology Software in the Market

Developed at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona to manage the U.S. Navy’s massive metrology and calibration program; METBENCH is a web-based, enterprise level calibration and asset management system, designed to automate every aspect of an organization’s M&TE management, and calibration automation. Now available commercially, METBENCH is simply the most advanced metrology software in the market, and the winner of:

nnnn2011 Navy Information Technology Award of Excellence


2016 Federal Laboratory Consortium Tech Transfer Award of Excellence

METBENCH has innovative features which allow you to:

Automatically calculate uncertainty (EMU) and test ratios (TAR/TUR) using specifications and other parameters from a test instrument’s set point, the standards used, and measurement system configuration.

Perform interval/reliability analysis on the entire inventory of calibrated assets, using actual measurement history, at both the asset ID (serial number) and make/model levels.

Perform a full reverse trace from the specific range of a calibration standard, that fails calibrations to every test point of every calibration that used the calibration standard range in a specified time period.