Metrology Engineering

Metrology Engineering

ATS provides a wide range of metrology engineering, technical and calibration services in support of our clients, including Measurement and Test Equipment (M&TE), support; Automatic Test Systems development and support; Metrology Quality Assurance; Instrument Calibration Procedure Development; Measurement Reliability, and Calibration Requirements Analysis.

Our managed services program can provide full operational support to your entire calibration laboratory. Our engineering capabilities span all laboratory types and facilities, and all measurement areas including temperature, pressure, electronic measurements, dimensional measurements, vibration, RF, etc. We employ a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians and Metrology Subject Matter Experts and provide experience and expertise to many commercial as well as DoD clients. These services include:

Calibration workload coordination and operational laboratory support for test equipment, calibration standards, and other Metrology related processes.

Research and development for advanced measurement technology, processes, strategies, and calibration requirements, as well as determining appropriate M&TE calibration intervals, and calibration standards to meet established measurement reliability objectives.

Development, documentation, and validation methods and procedures to calibrate M&TE for METBENCH users.

Facilitate the maintenance of calibration and testing laboratories for both domestic and foreign commercial calibration laboratories, including the maintenance and calibration status of the relevant measuring and support equipment.

Comprehensive quality assurance support including on-site assessments, development and review of quality management systems.

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